Being Nowhere

Sometime between midnight and dawn, somewhere between an office and a house, some place exists between here and there.  It’s a place one might park a car during the day, or throw something in a dumpster, or simply pass through on the way to the store.  If one stopped to look at this place, there might be no aesthetic value, for it was not designed for aesthetics – it was not designed at all.  But here in the deep night, where the streetlights mix with the dim persistent glow of the city, one can pause and see a landscape, that is neither here nor there, but that takes on an otherworldly power.

These spaces are urban landscapes, seen at night.  For me they are lonely and yet magical.  I look for places that are lit, but not lit well – places where the light pools and mixes from varying sources.  When I find the right place, a chill goes up my spine, and suddenly I’m 14 years old, out well after curfew, with nothing to do and nowhere to be.